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Sport: general, in Britain

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Sport is good for all

      To begin a conversation about sport it is important to say some  words
about it’s history. And I’d  like  to  tell  you  about  Olympic  Games.  An
athletic festival with competitions in music and poetry was held every  four
years on the island of Peplos in Southern Greece.  The  period  between  the
games was called an Olympiad.
      The games were held in honour  of  Zeus,  the  principle  god  of  the
Greeks, who according to the legend lived on  Mount  Olympus.  The  festival
lasted five days and became a symbol of  peace  and  friendship  because  in
keeping with the decree of that time no  wars  should  be  waged  during  an
      The athletes competed in running, boxing, wrestling, horse and chariot
racing and the like. The winners were given laurel wreaths in the temple  of
      And nowadays the Olympic Games have been regularly held  in  different
countries of the world and have become a wonderful tradition which helps  to
bring people closer together.
      People all over the world are fond of sport. Some  people  do  morning
exercises, train themselves in clubs and in different  sections.  There  are
many  sport  clubs  that  anyone  can  join.  Light  athletics  gives   much
opportunity to those who go in for  it.  It  includes  track  field  events:
running, long-jumping, high jumping, and  others.  But  there’re  a  lot  of
people, who like sport too but they only watch sport  games  and  listen  to
sport news. They prefer to read interesting  stories  about  sportsmen.  But
they don’t go in for sport.
       Many  children  are  fond  of  ball  games:  basketball,  volleyball,
football.  They  are  so  exiting.  Children  like  to  take  part  in   the
competitions to see who is the quickest, the strongest, who can  jump  best,
and who is the best swimmer or player.  Pupils  in  different  classes  hold
competitions in different kinds of sport. All  the  competitions  and  games
are very popular with the pupils. A lot of fans always come to watch them.
      But there’re some bad sides of sport. Sport today means  big  business
for both players and sponsors. Sporting events like  the  World  Cup,  which
has a big TV audience, make huge amounts of money. Companies like Coca  Cola
and Adidas have paid a lot of money to sponsor a  sport  events.  They  know
that their  names  and  logons  at  the  sport  stadiums  and  participants’
clothes. The high rewards have encouraged some sportsmen to  take  drags  to
improve their performance.
       As for me my favorite sport is swimming. It’s a wonderful sport.  And
It’s a good exercise too. It makes people strong and healthy.
      I think sport helps people to stay in a good shape,  keeps  them  fit,
healthy and makes them more organized and better disciplined in their  daily

Sports in Great Britain

National sports in Great Britain...  It  is  a  very  interesting  question,
because many kinds of sport have taken the origin in England.
       The Englishmen love sports, they are called sports-lovers  in  spite
of the fact that some of them neither play games nor even watch  them.  They
only like to speak about sports.
       Some kinds of sport are professional in England.
Many traditional sporting contests  take  place  in  England,  for  example,
cricket. This game is associated with England. There are many cricket  clubs
in this country. English people  like  to  play  cricket.  They  think  that
summer without cricket isn't summer. If you want to play  cricket  you  must
wear white boots, a white shirt and white long trousers.
There are two teams. Each team has eleven players.  Cricket  is  popular  in
boys' schools. Girls play cricket too.
       Football has got a long history. Football was played  by  the  whole
village teams in the middle ages in England.
       Now football is the most popular game in Britain. It is a team game.
There are some amateur teams but most of the teams are professional ones  in
England. Professional football is a big  business.  Football  is  played  at
schools too.
       In rugby football you can see a ball, but it is  not  round.  It  is
oval. This is a team game. There are fifteen players in each team. It  is  a
popular game in England. There are many amateur  rug-by  football  teams  in
this country.
       If we speak about football we can mention an American football  too.
It is a game that is played between two teams of players using an oval  ball
that can be handled or kicked. The captain of the team must  be  the  oldest
or best player.
       Table tennis or  ping-pong  originated  in  1880.  But  the  British
players are not lucky in tennis  international  championships.  Many  people
like to play table tennis. This game is played by men and women.
There are some tennis clubs  in  England,  but  if  you  play  there  it  is
necessary to pay money for it. Englishmen like playing tennis  but  many  of
them prefer to watch this game.
       Wimbledon is the centre of lawn tennis. Some years ago Wimbledon was
a  village,  now  it  is  a  part  of  London.  The  most  important  tennis
competition takes place there every summer.
Englishmen pay much attention to swimming,  rowing  and  walking.  The  most
famous boat race in England is between Oxford and Cambridge.  It is  usually
held on the Thames River. A lot of people come to watch it.
       There are some racing competitions in England.  They  are  motor-car
racing, dog-racing, donkey-racing, boat-racing, horse-racing. All  kinds  of
racings are popular in England. It is interesting to see  the  egg-and-spoon
race. The runner, who takes part in this competition, must carry an  egg  in
a spoon. It is not allowed to drop the egg.
       I must speak about the Highland Games in Scotland.  All  competitors
wear Highland dress. There are such  competitions  as  putting  the  weight,
tossing the caber and others. The English are great lovers of sports.

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