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People get a kick out of doing most extraordinary things. I can't say that I am really mad about this or that kind of leisure activity. But if I were asked about my or our family hobby I would name reading. In modern society books became overshadowed by cinema, TV, video as entertainment ,& by computers as a source of information. Of course, computers offer a much more perfect & economical way jf storing & retrieving data. But the artistic value of books is undeniable. Only by reading can a person learn to think, to feel, to behave as a human being. I enjoy reading all kinds of books- historical novels, travelogues, biographies, novels, science fiction, detective stories, poetry, etc. If I were to name my favourite genre or writer, it would be hard for me to do, but in American literature I would single out M.Mitchel. Her novel Gone with the wind- is so human, so touching, informative, touching & poetic. In fact, it's one of the greatest books about love. Someone said that reading to the mind is what exercise to the body. Books cant't be replaced by all the mass media in the world. So, I switch off TV, radio, my computer & open a book.
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