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Every family has its own holidays, connected with some great events in its history. For ordinary people holidays are mostly the chance to relax & have a good time. There are some almost universal holidays, such as Christmas & New Year. We've got 2 favourite holidays New Year & Easter. The New Year is noisy & festive. Christmas trees are decorated with tinsel, toys, & strings of colored light bulbs. Children put stockings under the trees for Santa Claus to fill them up with gifts. It's a family occasion - the whole family usually gathers, gifts are exchanged. There are parties, dancing, champagne drinking, fireworks & firecrackers. At midnight everyone at a party stops whatever they are doing to greet the New Year. It's the most colorful & merry of all holidays. I can't help mentioning Easter, which is connected with the idea of spring & revival of nature. We exchange painted eggs, special cakes, & generally make merry. There are also our birthdays parties- we celebrate him or her with birthday, singing Happy birthday to you, present our gifts & have our family dinner. All holidays are nice, because people forget their worries for a while, & enjoy themselves.
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