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State of medical servers in Russia. How do you imagine the medical care of the future?

In our country medical service is provided free of charge. There is a wide network of local out- patient clinics. If a person falls ill he calls a local physician. The doctor visits his patient. And examines him. He usually sounds the patient's chest, listens to his heart, fells his pulse and sometimes sahes , his blood pressure. He also examines his throat and tonque . After the physician has diagnose the case the prescribes medicine for the descase. Then he writes out a search leave and gives advice If the patient follows the doctor's instructions , it doesn't take him long to recover. As soon as he feels better , he comes to the local out-patient clinic for final examination. If the case in complicated and the patient needs shecial treatment he is taken to the hospital.The situation in medical service has changed as compared to the previory years. Medicine has become very expensive. Treatment and special tests or surgery cost a lot of money. Mist people cannot afford being operated. Nowadays we cannot say that medical service is must be given by the government to run medical service properly. Hospitals and clinics should be better equipped. Many of them are old-fashioned and need repairing. Doctors and nurses are overworked and underpaid. One of the positive features, which still exists in Russia, medical service in regular medical check-up of school children. It is very important to prevent illness. They are vaccinated and examined by specialists. I think that medical service should be free of charge for all people.
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